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Katarina Korakova

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I am originaIly from Slovakia, born and raised. I speak Slovak (my country’s national language), my region’s dialect, as well as English.

I know that I had to go....I had an inner calling. I knew I had to come here. There is a huge following of Celtic dancing in Slovakia, ever since Lord of the Dance...the Slovakians are very enthusiastic about Celtic dancing, from young children to older adults, even more so than their own dancing traditions.

I love Irish dancing after seeing a 5 second television clip of people tapping. Ever since that moment I was captivated by what I saw and I first learnt it in Slovakia 3 years before coming to Ireland. The very next day the first Irish Dance troupe opened up in my town and I realized that my dream was starting to come true.

I always lived in Dublin, at first in Lucan as an au pair for four months and I didn’t know anyone other than the family I was staying with who were very supportive. With no expectations of what to expect when I arrived to Ireland I was very happy to be here, very happy and very free!

Of course I associate it my Slovakian heritage even though I must be Irish...I have Hungarian roots on my Dad’s side of the family. However some (Irish) people think that I’m French...even French people think I’m French!

I believe that they are among the most warm and welcoming, most supportive nations that I have on the top of my list! I love living here! I’ve been very lucky, I feel like I belong here...don’t know if I’d stay here...from an au pair to the hospitality trade to my own business. I learnt a lot about myself, what’s possible.

I’m very much interested in health and nutrition, health and development. I’ve worked in the Swan Centre and with Holland & Barrett. I’ve been quite fortunate to work with both a family run business and retail health industry. After travelling briefly for eight months I returned to Dublin and started my own business, an e-book called ‘the lazy chick diet’.

Be open to opportunities and stay positive! Take in stride what Ireland has to offer. If you keep focused on the positive you will make things happen. If you want something to happen don’t wait for it to happen but make it happen yourself! As long as they don’t abuse the system they are free to broaden their horizon and a benefit to all. Everybody should follow their own voice and do what they have to do!

Katarina Katarina


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