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Artur Scheunert

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Born and raised in Dublin for the majority of my life I would consider myself first generation Irish. Both my parents are Polish from Warsaw eventhough our name is has German heritage.

English is my stronger language so it would come quicker to my head so I won’t be searching for polish words in my head. Since after living in Poland and moving back here my polish has gotten I don’t read in Polish anymore. I can still read but I would get stuck on the odd word the odd time and replace it with an english word.

My dad’s aunt owned an island up north (this was when they were rich) and my dad lived with her on the island. Here he did one year of secondary school up nort at the same school that Oscar Wilde was in. Later my dad was going to stay and work in his uncle’s company and eventually take it over. However due to a controling father, my dad returned to Poland and completed his engineering degree. Years later he returned to Dublin due to job opportunities and family connectons.

The other main reason for leaving Poland was because of communism. Because of this they basically didn’t have any freedom and had to get out...but once they got out they couldn’t get back in because of the manner of which they escaped. My dad couldn’t even go back to his dad’s funeral in Poland because of the communism and them fleeing the country.

My parents are part of the Irish Polish society here when they were younger...a lot of their friends are polish here and all still their best friends would be polish living in Poland. My mum still speaks with a very strong polish accent but my dad’s isn’t as strong.

Yeah, all the holidays are polish, all have polish versions, for Easter and Christmas we do all the polish things...its very much a polish house. They prefer the polish thing.. It could be a generational thing and I think its a bond to what is familar as well but they used to have a lot of irish friends as well.

I think that in the age group that we are in now I don’t think that there is any super racism or any kind of judgement because you’re foreign. I think that it’s becoming more of a normality and people are being seen more as people rather than being defined by their nationality.

If I were to meet someone for the first time they would consider me polish since its something extra to put on to your character...even people with a small amount of another race in them are considered since its like picking out key characteristics in a person and defining them that way.

I don’t generalize people anymore as a culture...I think that only Irish thing that I would generalize is people always say ‘ah sure its grand’ and they’re never straight....they are non confrontational even if they have a problem with someone they won’t say it but they’ll find a roundabout way for sorting it out. Its a socially bureaucratic way of being if there’s negativity.

One good thing for change that media does instead of propaganda is that it does make people aware of everything. We have access to all sorts of other cultures with a touch of a button...on youtube we can look at dances from China, or like anything, any kind of traditions. So therefore things don’t become as new and obscure to us. There is an awareness of that stuff. is getting better...I don’t think that we have any problems...from a young age we are thought about difference, for example in Sesame Street teaching games to choose what doesn’t belong; even the wording ‘doesn’t belong’ in the sentence teaches children at a young age to pick out want doesn’t belong...why doesn’t it belong, there’s room for everyone!




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