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Julija Stonicenko

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My passport says that I am Latvian but then I was born in Germany and then my Dad is Ukranian and my Mum side is orginally came from Russia. I still kinda consider myself Russian Latvian.

I was looking for a change as I completed my studies and I thought that it could be a great opportunity just to see a new country and experience something different...I didn’t know what to expect; I was really excited because it was a new country so you never know what to expect.

I just realized that actually in Dublin there is so many people from so different countries. Its not like you meet just Irish people; you meet Irish people, French people, Italian people, Polish people. So many different cultures. It was quite interesting that there is so many different cultures here that you can communicate and learn from each of them.

I believe that most of the people, the Irish people who I know, they are really easy going in this kind of case. Obviously sometimes I don’t catch everything and normally people have no problem to repeat or explain to me different way if I didn’t understand a particular word they would find the way how to explain in. And this is great; this is the way I learn every single day...this is what help us to learn, help us to improve here, its a very good thing, very helpful!

There is nothing to be afraid of to come over to Ireland. As I said very friendly country and that the level of living is really good also and if you have this positive attitude you can be anywhere and because you will not notice any bad things that are happening...with my experience here in Ireland so far I’m really happy with this country. I might even consider to stay to live here at some stage but....

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