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Ling Fan

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I’m from Shijiazhuang, China right beside Bejing. I was born there and grew up there as an only child. I speak Chinese and English as my second language. I speak Mandarin which is the official language.

I was studying here at Maynooth college and then I got a job...I was thinking that I would get some work experience and go back to China. But the thing is that I met my boyfriend here so...I here for one reason after another. When I graduated here I was thinking that I should just go home but everybody else applied for jobs and I did the same...and plus not everybody get it.

I think that if you know Irish people they are really nice but if you don’t know them they are kind of shy. Generally they are really honest people. Most of them are really polite and generous. Basically I’m really easy going...its not a principle thing its fine. The only thing that my culture is about our food. I love our food, I don’t really fancy any Italian or anything Mexican or Japanese. I just love Chinese food!

People are too concerned about the things in the whole world generally speaking...I think it mostly relates to the religion and you know China is not a religious country. Relgions don’t go into the political since they aren’t allowed to go into the political level and they don’t really have any powers...its totally your own choice.

Yes I think first of all for new people coming here you really need to be careful about your behaviour. I heard some young people here talking about opening up a brothel and having prostitutes and that’s really really bad. It’s put a shame on the rest of us at all. And I know you want to make money but that money is dirty. Don’t think about using them to get money. Everybody has to work hard...Irish have to work hard, Polish have to work hard, you have to work hard...

For students you need to be more open minded and talk to people. Don’t be shy, don’t think that I’m from a big country or I’ll only stick with my Chinese friends. Don’t isolate yourself since it won’t help you have a better time over here nomatter how long you stay here short or long term its the same. You need to open up your mind and start talking English. That’s why I’m here.

Ling Ling


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