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Tatiana Kawazoe Sato

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My grandparents are from Japan but I am Brazilian. I was born in Brazil and in Brazil if you are born there you are Brazilian. It doesn’t matter where your parents or grandparents came from.

My name may seem unusual for someone not from Brazil but Russian names are quite common in Brazil. In Brazil when you get married you can either take the man’s name or keep your madien name. So my last name is unusual since the first part of it is Japanese and the second part is Brazilian... I associate very much with my Brazilian heritage even though I may have some Italian blood. I would like to know where my Italian side is from.

I knew that I always wanted to move abroad always. I always wanted to live in Europe actually...

There are a lot of Brazilians here in Ireland, more than people would realise...this is because many of them originally wanted to go to London but the immigration laws are stricter than in Ireland. I had a friend who lived in London and after visiting her I came over to Ireland. My main intention was to stay here for a year or so improving my english and experiencing what Ireland had to offer.

I’ve never really encountered any prejudice other than time I was in the Brazilian shop in the city centre and there was another Brazilian guy talking to the shop owner in Brazilian asking why was there a Chinese girl in the shop (referring to me). I thought that that was funny since I’m from Brazil also and would not have expected that from him.

Regarding people’s attitudes and what I think about Irish people...they are people. I don’t think that its a matter of nationalities. Stop stereotyping! Most of them, you can mix up because they have similar features. These similarities or differences can make people clash but they are (just) people!

I feel in my experience living here in Ireland I’ve become a grown up. I’m taking care of myself but sometimes I get really homesick. The choice I made to come to Ireland has been great. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time...even though I skype my family it is not the same since they are not here.

You really have to be open minded! Apart from the downturn in the economy you cannot change other people’s dreams. I don’t mind helping people but don’t expect me to do every thing for you. You have to be strong!

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